Our classrooms

Garden Room

The Garden Room is our infant classroom.  We enroll only 4 infants in this classroom.  This small infant to teacher ratio allows us to better meet the needs of each infant (and their family).

Ocean Room

The Ocean Room is our older infants and younger one year old classroom.  In this classroom we enroll between 4 and 6 infants and toddlers.  We start to transition to this classroom when infants are mobile and ready to move around!

Barnyard Room

The Barnyard Room is our 1 year old classroom.  We enroll 6, 1 year olds in this classroom. 

Fairytale Room

The Fairytale Room is our 2 year old classroom.  We enroll 8 children in this room.  

Safari Room

The Safari Room is our  2 and younger 3 year old room.  We typically enroll 8-10 children in this class.  This room is where we will usually begin potty training.

Rainforest Room

The Rainforest Room is our Preschool classroom.  This classroom has 3 and 4 year olds.  The children in this classroom will typically start school the year after this room.  Our preschool program is similar to a PreK program, but with more play time!